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Posted by / 09-Oct-2017 01:12

If you express concern about following a random link, the bot will try to reassure you.

Bots will say that Tinder uses the verification service to make sure the person you want to meet is who they say they are. If you follow the link to the website (even though you should never follow links from unknown sources), you are asked for personal information.

Users who fell for this scam report that the subscriptions can run up to 0/month and is very difficult to cancel.

Tinder recently introduced verification for profiles (see Tinder’s FAQ for more details), but it is a process that runs through the app itself.

Because of this, if you match with a bot, they will hold a conversation with you that makes a lot of sense.

They will be flirty and fun, they’ll love your pickup lines However, after some time passes, the bot will make their move.

Then, you’re able to quickly identify and ignore any scams or bots who come your way.

Their approach may be more subtle than you’d imagine!

If users aren’t careful, these scams can cause some serious problems for the individuals that fall for them.

It’s a good idea to stay aware of the current scams being used on Tinder users.

The account verification scam is one of the most common scams currently on Tinder.

The scam works like this: First, you match with someone.

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