Decoding dating profiles nigga dating

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Decoding dating profiles

Nicole founded WORKS by Nicole Williams in 2006 with the vision of building the first media and content company focused on career development specifically for the highly dynamic and powerful market of young professional women.

Her Web site,, is the go-to destination site for modern working women.

Some people see that as a blessing; others find it a bit frustrating.

If you’re interviewing with your prospective boss, try to see if he has a sense of the day-to-day responsibilities of this position (beyond the big-picture stuff like “support sales goals” or “generate media coverage”).

And even if you haven’t physically changed much, pixilated and grainy photos are tell-tale signs that your info isn’t current. Comb through your Facebook albums to find some great shots of who you are today, or take some new ones. Some matches will message you but it’s more important to focus on being proactive yourself.

If he can’t even be bothered filling in the profile what does that tell you? Looking for someone special This says: “I want to make it look like I’m not just on here for sex.” The verdict: Everyone is special to someone, yes we know that’s mushy but it’s something to keep in mind. And then I realised it might not be so incredibly thrilling.” The verdict: Most normal people don’t have crazy, amazing, non-stop lives. If you like some of the things on their profile maybe try a few messages to get to know them. [Quirky profile full of obscure authors and musicians] This says: “I really want to stand out from the crowd and let you know that I’m educated/hilarious/individual. And when they’re showing you their extensive collection of novelty hats on the third date, don’t say we didn’t warn you, 8. Looks are secondary This says: “I am not a shallow man.” The verdict: He is a shallow man, masquerading as someone who isn’t. Obviously, most people like to have a little autonomy to get their work done without someone constantly looking over their shoulder.But sometimes this phrase means there is a lack of cohesive leadership, so the person in this position needs to be able to work without much direction. This says: “I’m not sitting in all night watching telly and playing computer games.” The verdict: They are probably sitting in all day watching telly and playing computer games. She will judge you mercilessly.” The verdict: As long as the mammy likes you it’s no bad thing to meet a family man. My family are really important to me This says: “You’ll probably have to meet my mammy by the third date. ” The verdict: Ask yourself, what kind of man puts a topless picture of himself on a dating site? Into all the usual things This says: “I was going to write something to try and make me look cool but then I realised I’d probably look like a massive eejit so went with what I reckon is the safe option.” The verdict: The usual things? But I can’t put that up here because I’d look like a creepy saddo.” The verdict: A genuine girl? We’re all genuine, and really, although we’re flattered we mainly like to be called women.

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Like online dating profiles, job descriptions are often written in a cryptic, euphemistic language that takes an experienced eye to decode.