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Hwo is dating hwo

She’s got to get used to this new way of seeing you.

If you try the tips above and she doesn’t go for the date or doesn’t want to be kissed, just take it in stride.

Most guys know the pain of the “friend-zone” all too well.

And one way to do this is to continue dating other women.

Secondly, touch releases chemicals in the brain that makes her feel good.

As a result she’ll not only feel better when she’s around you, but she’ll begin to crave your touch more and more.

Going for the kiss When you’re ready to take things even further, here’s a trick you can use that was mentioned in the Art of Charm podcast interview with Herbal on how to start dating a friend (listen to the full episode here): Invite the girl over and watch a movie. Cuddling is no big deal and probably something she’d enjoy, so it’s a safe first step.

As time goes on start to stroke her hair, lightly rub her thigh, etc.

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If she doesn’t pull back and continues looking at your eyes or your lips, she’s ready for you to kiss her. Invite her out – just the two of you – for drinks, dancing, a trip to the zoo…

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