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Newdatingventures com

“ So, what’s the most romantic location for a hotel getaway?

A country escape (38 per cent), seafront spot (22 per cent) and city break (18 per cent) top the chart for the UK’s over-50s.

Melissa Jones, the creator of new dating website Dreamcliq, seems to think so.

Launched earlier this month, Dreamcliq is basically the Pinterest of dating.

We enjoy providing a sociable atmosphere, welcoming guests whether they’re coming with friends, a loved one or alone.

Where else do the over 50s go to dance, laugh, celebrate, have fun and meet new and old friends?

Jones, meanwhile, thinks that the tactic of sifting through a montage of photos is an easier way to approach something overwhelming like dating.

Jones comes with a background in imaging, working in visual communications for brands like like J.

We have even been asked to connect guests via Facebook after they have met at a Warner hotel.

And, despite over-50s claiming they are less fussy, 18% say they worry about their date having tattoos.

The research from Warner Leisure Hotels also revealed that men in their 50s are feeling friskier with age.

"Statistically speaking, men can send up to 300 messages to women without getting an answer, so women end up with tons of messages in their online dating inboxes.

We think if the messaging costs money, you'll think a little bit more about what you send," she said.

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