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Submitting the wrong forms, failing to submit certain forms and filling out forms incorrectly can all result in significant delays or added costs to your divorce.

Keep in mind that if you manage to settle your divorce without going to trial, the state of Illinois will still require you to attend a “prove up” hearing.

The state of Illinois makes getting a divorce straightforward – especially if you have limited property and no children, and you and your spouse agree upon the need for a divorce.

You may even qualify for a divorce without a lawyer.

Most people choose to hire the sheriff to serve the divorce papers, as it is the least expensive option.

It may take some time, depending on how busy the sheriff is, but once the papers are served you will receive a document that proves that the papers were served.

At this hearing, you will need to explain the need for divorce to the court and produce all supporting documentation.

The judge may inquire about how you and your spouse intend to divide your property as well.

There are two different types of dissolution available in Illinois, the older fault-based divorce and the more common no-fault.

However, the more complications that are present, the more challenging the divorce process becomes.

This is why it is always recommended that if you and your spouse are in disagreement about child custody, property division, or other issues, you consider divorce mediation or seek professional legal guidance. The data provided by the CDC indicates that this is a relatively low rate, compared to many other states, and that the state of Illinois has had a relatively low divorce rate as far back as 1990, the earliest date where data is available from the organization.

When you file with the clerk, he or she will provide you with copies of your divorce papers.

You will need to make copies for yourself, both for the prove up hearing and to serve to your spouse if necessary.

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This option is the most expensive, and therefore only desirable if other options will not work.