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In the red team's barracks, Tocarra asked Erin Moran what her strategy was to lose weight.Willie Aames joined Tocarra in questioning Erin Moran's weight loss progress, clearly annoying Erin Moran in the process. You've got a chance to win, but you're riding your chance to win on our work." Willie also mentioned that he really wanted to win the team contest over Diamond's blue team.According to reports, backer Aurora Fashions, which also owns British high street labels Oasis and Warehouse, is liquidating Lucy in Disguise due to non-payment of debt.Aurora CEO Richard Glanville told the "I don’t think Lucy In Disguise has been particularly successful because they have not been able to pay their bills on time," he said.Wright says that she and Matthew were living together in Beverly Hills while he and Tina were still married. You may remember Harvey dated American Idol alum, Kimberly Locke for two years, but the couple called it quits in March of last year. I really liked those two together, but that’s neither here nor there, so back to the story: The real question is: How did she and Harvey even meet??? I know Tina Knowles has got to be thinking “Who the Bleep Did I Marry! Anywho….meanwhile, Wright has now found a new man to help her raise baby Nixon–celebrity trainer and former U. In 2014, we celebrated our 25th anniversary with our largest field to date.Forty-four teams competed for one of our prestigious titles.

The red team arrived as a location where each team had to dig out a massive tire that was partially buried in dirt and roll it back to the start line.

Anything to say to your teammates since you walked out on them last week? Benza said the following about Diamond: "I think somewhere in the middle of the show people stopped caring about Dustin's journey.

" Diamond's only response was to pretend like nothing had happened last week, saying, "Uh, I hope you guys all lost a lot of weight." Tocarra Jones and Brian Dunkelman rolled their eyes as Diamond said this. When a bunch of us started getting screwed up with, you know, the Dustin drama, it was look, like we're not gonna play in that drama no more.

Alexsandra Wright,40, the former mistress Beyonce’s father, Matthew Knowles, has come forward with some very SHOCKING claims to say the least.

Wright who also bore, Matthew’s 20-month old son Nixon, claims that Matthew offered to buy their baby for Jay-Z and Beyonce!

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The line, which debuted at Harvey Nichols and Shopbop, also seems to be separate from the London store, which appears to still be up and running, judging by its Twitter feed.

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